An insider's view of our students, staff, and programs

The “I’m What Works at the JVS” project features student-driven video “storytelling” to share with you our wonderful students, staff, and state-of-the-art facilities — all working for the future of Lorain County and northeast Ohio. We hope you enjoy this inside view of what makes career-tech training work for our community.


From Cosmetology Student to Business Owner and Instructor: Meet Sandy Pitts

The more people you meet from the Lorain County JVS, the more you understand the great and lasting impact our school makes in the lives of those we serve. This interview features Sandy Pitts, a past graduate from the Lorain County JVS high school Cosmetology program, who went on to own and run a successful salon in Oberlin. Today, she still runs that salon, provides mentoring opportunities for high school Cosmetology students-in-training, and also teaches in the JVS Adult Career Center evening program. Her passion for our mission is infectious, and that, combined with her expertise, is why she is “What Works at the JVS.” We hope you enjoy meeting her as much as we enjoy working with her!

Want to meet Sandy Pitts and see her Cosmetology program in action? The EDGEucated Cuts Salon is operated by second year students in the Adult Career Center’s Cosmetology Program under the supervision of licensed instructors. This full service salon is typically open Tuesday through Thursdays, from 5-8:30pm, year round. A complete range of services is available to the public at very reasonable costs. These services include hair and scalp care, permanent waves, color treatments, skin care, waxing, nail and foot care. The Redkin line of retail products is also available for purchase.

For walk-in customers, services are performed on a “first come, first served” basis in the time allowed. To schedule an appointment call 440/774-1051, ext. 2254.

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A Wellington Student Shares Why He Chose the Interactive Multimedia Program at JVS

Meet Adam Cianciola, a Wellington student enrolled in our high school Interactive Multimedia Technology program. Adam shares some of the reasons he chose to come to the JVS (the professional environment, the hands-on learning experiences) and showcases some of the cool projects he and his fellow students are involved with right now. We hope you enjoy meeting one of our successful students and learning more about the career field he has chosen!

A New Career in Healthcare, by Irene Kellett

One of the most important roles the JVS Adult Career Center offers to our community is workforce retraining. Whether an individual is interested in starting a new career, improving current job skills or enhancing his or her daily life, we focus our efforts on getting Lorain County to work. This week’s video features Irene Kellett, who came to us  to train for a new career after retirement. In our Medical Asssisting class, she and her fellow students discovered that they all came from different places in their lives–and that they and their instructors were all there to support one another to ensure success. She credits the  hands-on training in our new Medical Technology Lab and additional support services (such as the ability to come back to brush up on skills before an interview) as key components to her success. Whatever the magic formula, we are proud to share that Irene is now employed at Mercy Hospitals. We hope you enjoy meeting her just as much as we have. 

Achieving Your Goals at the JVS Adult Career Center

This year the JVS Adult Career Center has helped more adults than ever before prepare for and receive their GED. The class, which is free, is effective for a number of reasons, I think. Our classes are conducted in a small-group setting, instructors care about them and give them tons of homework, and testing is done right here at the JVS in the setting that is already comfortable and familiar to them. It’s a program we are very, very proud of, and we applaud each of our students who are poised to go on and do more amazing things.

This week’s video features Bruce, who not only earned his GED this year, but came back to the JVS as a tutor for our students. He will be this year’s speaker during our completion ceremony which will be held this Thursday, June 9th, to celebrate all of our students who successfully completed 600 hours or more of training. We are proud to share that the audience will be filled with nearly 100 of our GED students and their family members as we recognize their achievements.

From High School Student to JVS Employee

As educators, it is always a proud moment when our students go on to achieve great things. Especially when those students become so skilled that we hire them as team members within our organization. It’s a really amazing feeling to be surrounded by people who attended the JVS in high school, furthered their education in the adult career center, and now work here full time. This week, meet Travis Williams, an Amherst Exempted School District resident who graduated from the NCT program three years ago. He explains how his experience with his instructor Joe Todd and the NCT program’s work-based learning component helped to prepare him for the challenges he deals with daily as an IT technician at the Lorain County JVS (goodness knows he’s solved more than a few of my computer glitches for me…thank you Travis!) We hope you enjoy meeting him as much as we enjoy working with him.

From GED to College Degree with Molly Hogan

These days, it’s difficult to get very far if you don’t have your high school diploma under your belt. Many employers, especially in today’s competitive job market, screen candidates on this one qualification alone. That’s why the Lorain County JVS Adult Career Center partners in the Lorain County ABLE/GED (Adult Basic and Literacy Education) consortium–our instructors work in small groups to help Lorain County residents prepare for and pass the GED test. The program is free, and both day and evening programs are available to suit scheduling challenges for adults in our area. And after the GED test is passed? Individuals can then go on to get a job, or further their skills through career development programs at the Lorain County JVS. One of our recent students, Molly Hogan, used her passage of the GED as a catalyst to begin summer classes towards a degree in Preschool Education. Hear her experience with the JVS by watching the video below. To contact our ABLE/GED program coordinator, call 440.774.1051 ext. 2241.

Mike Carpenter Builds a House In Adult Career Center

Some people were just born to perform certain trades. A prime example is our own Mike Carpenter, who is enrolled in the JVS Adult Career Center Building Trades program. (Now how funny is that? His last name is Carpenter and he’s studying the building trades?) Mike’s goal after completing this 9-month program is to secure employment as a general contractor, and to build his own home. This program is a great way to learn how to do just that. Students of this program build a house within the walls of the JVS as they learn hands-on skills in disciplines such as Masonry, Electronicity, Carpentry, Plubming, Heating and Air Installation, and Finishing. From the first design blueprints to the last shingle, these students do it all. Click here to meet Mike and see the beginnings of their project for yourself!